The 100 project

In partnership with
The Prince's Drawing School
Supported by
POKE Pimp your walls

The 100 Project is a charitable initiative with the aim to nurture the creative talent of tomorrow by putting 100 young people from the east end of London through a term at The Prince's Drawing School. Artists of today kindly help us to raise the money.

The Prince’s Drawing School

The school aims to make it possible for children with an aptitude for drawing to achieve their potential.

We empower children — opening the door to careers in art, design, science, and engineering. Serious, sustained drawing tuition for children is rarely available. When it is, it often requires financial or other commitments beyond the means of less well-off families. There are many excellent programmes which expose children to the arts.

However, we are targeting children with aptitude and investing in building their skills over the long-term. We are matching them with our postgraduates (all of whom are practicing artists or designers) building the teaching and mentoring skills of a new generation of drawing tutors.

Where the project came from

Poke Hack Day 2010

The brief was simple: Make your neighbourhood a better place

The 100 Project is made with love by Poke, a creative company in London, E2.

Last December we received £100 seed funding to do something to make our area of London unique. We decided to turn the £100 into art school terms for 100 local young people.

How? 52 artists, photographers, illustrators and creators have generously donated their work, and each week, a single piece will be auctioned online with a reserve price of £100. All money raised will be put towards The 100 Project fund. And if one piece sells every week throughout the year, we will raise enough money to support 100 local teenagers for a term at The Prince’s Drawing School.